Digital Invoicing Solution

  • Truebook has developed a customized digital invoicing solution for one of the leading telecom operator in India (Vodafone Idea Limited) to standardize invoice preparation and submission from its huge number of Channel partners (nearly 50% of total vendors of the company) located across pan India.
  • An Invoice is a critical document for accounting and to avail tax credit.
  • Truebook has automated the process of information collation, invoice preparation and invoice submission and availability of information to all stakeholders.
  • The solution helped the telecom operator to solve their existing pain points like physical flow of information to prepare invoices, collection of invoices, reconciliation, accounting in ERP, slower turnaround time, high manual effort, and lower productivity, all of these led to dissatisfaction among stakeholders.
  • The solution has been automated that has eliminated errors arising from manual intervention.
  • The automation has reduced manual effort freeing up manpower for core activities and increasing overall productivity.

Input Tax Credit (GST) Reconciliation

  • Input Tax Credit (GST) reconciliation tool compares and reconciles Purchase Register with Invoices uploaded by suppliers in the GST Portal.
  • This reconciliation is complex, time consuming, repetitive and timebound activity.
  • Truebook has developed a tool that helps in fetching invoice information from GST portal through APIs and reconcile purchase invoices of Suppliers.
  • This tool generates a real-time reconciliation and provides a 360-degree view of the input tax credit.
  • Key benefits
    • Eliminate errors - Accurate Reconciliation of Input Tax Credit With Purchase Records.
    • Identify defaulters - Identify tax defaulting Suppliers in few Minutes.
    • Free up Capital - No More Blocking of Working Capital Because of Input Tax Credit.

Bulk GST Return filing tool

  • Truebook has developed a customized bulk Tax return (GST) filing tool for our sister concern Chartered Accountants firm (CA firm) that can file upto 2000 GST returns every month errorfree within stipulated time for its clients located across India.
  • Truebook has automated the process of collation of tax return information, bulk upload of sales and purchase information, preparation of tax returns and seamless filing of tax returns on GST portal invoice submission.
  • This tool has been integrated with WhatsApp API for communication between CA firm and its clients. The solution helped the CA firm to file large number of GST returns errorfree.
  • All the data and information relating to GST returns has been made available to the clients of CA firm in Mobile App.
  • The solution has automated the return filing process and eliminated errors on account of manual intervention.
  • The automation has drastically reduced manual efforts and increased overall productivity.

Task / work management platform

  • Truebook has developed task / work management platform to help teams to organize, track, and manage their work.
  • Users can create tasks easily for themselves or assign it to their teammate.
  • This platform provides the simplest way to track work with tasks, checklists, work-chats and dashboards.
  • Team members can share comments, notes, files, get updates on task, and offer instant feedback.
  • Key benefits
    • Transparency.
    • Collaborative.
    • Latest status on the task.
    • Enhance productivity.
    • Secure Environment.
    • Always backup.
    • Anytime and anywhere access.
    • Visibility on- upcoming, overdue, Hold, completed tasks.

Accounting solution for Small Businesses

  • Truebook has developed a comprehensive cloud bases accounting software that takes care of small businesses.
  • Businesses can do core accounting, stock tracking, bank reconciliation and Tax compliance with our accounting software.
  • Invoicing features such as invoice tracking, sharing invoices with customers are available in Truebook Mobile App.
  • There are number of reports designed and developed for tracking business performance. All power packed in one single solution.
  • Businesses can file their GST returns directly from Truebook. This software will automatically calculate GST liability and enable its users to push transactions to the GST portal and file errorfree returns directly.
  • Truebook simplifies accounting tasks and provides with a 360-degree view of business - anywhere, anytime.
  • This is the perfect online accounting solution, in terms of features and cost for small businesses.

Logic trade – Algo trading App

  • Truebook has developed a customized automatic stock trade App for a group of HNIs. This is a simple and user-friendly software, for automated trading in the stock market as per defined strategies coded.
  • Our software will continue to trade on behalf of the users to make sure that they do not miss out any opportunities in the stock market.
  • Key benefits
    • ‘Emotion Less’ trading, never let the emotional backlog takeover trading decisions
    • Very High frequency trades are only possible via machine trading
    • Possibility to manage high volume trades.
    • Highly scalable model.
    • Instant square off in gap openings.
    • Analyze trades to optimize the trading plan.